Minty Greens

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Tobi Dress, Charlotte Russe Heels, Ashley Fox Necklace, Ray-Ban Sunnies

I’ve never been a dress wearing kind of girl until recently. I never had anything to wear to special occasions, specifically weddings. I ALWAYS had to borrow and I’m sure my friends got sick of it. This past year, I have been trying to step up my game and have my closet filled with a variety of options should a special occasion come up. I actually bought this last year for my boyfriend’s best friend’s wedding. I wanted something simple and classic yet chic and trendy. I was instantly drawn to the mint green shade of this dress and loved the fact that it had long sleeves. I received tons of compliments on it even though it was such a simple design. Sometimes less is ALWAYS more. What I love most about this dress is that it can be worn to a fancy event such as a wedding or can be worn to brunch on Sunday afternoon with your girlfriends!

Summer Florals

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FUNNY STORY ABOUT THIS DRESS! I bought it for no particular reason. I usually have an occasion in mind when I buy dresses, but I just thought this one was so pretty. When the Memorial Tournament came around I thought this was the perfect occasion to break out my new dress. Of course Colin thought I was overdressed. Apparently it’s a golf tournament, not a fashion show. I had never been to the Memorial but I just had a feeling that the women would be dressed to the nines. Alas, I listened to my boyfriend and retired to white pants and a pink top (that I had already worn 3 times). When we arrive, every woman is dressed in a super chic sundress and a big floppy hat. Although I loved seeing Colin eat his words, I was still so bummed about not wearing my new dress. It’s only taken me about 10 times, but I finally realized to NEVER take a (straight)man’s suggestion on style. UGH.

Lulu’s Dress








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Back in college I had (and still do!) a huge obsession with Marc Jacobs. This was before his bags were as popular as they are now. Not saying I’m uber cool and liked him before the trend, I just simply adored him for his quirky, off beat personality and designs. One day at work at my fairly new job I was talking about my love for all things Marc, when another co-worked chimed in on how she was obsessed with him too. Up until then I had not heard of anyone else (at least in my OSU bubble) who actually had knowledge of Marc and his brand. Thus, a (best)friendship was born. Since then Nicole and I have been soul sisters who share a love of fashion that I don’t share with any of my other friends. Nicole found this shirt at Milk Bar Boutique in the Short North and had to buy it for me. It’s of course not Marc Jacobs but the quote could not be any truer. She’s the mac to my (vegan)cheese, the Justin Timberlake to my Jimmy Fallon, and of course the Marc to my Jacob. To this day, we still thank Marc for bring us together.

Shirt (Milk Bar Boutique), H & M Pants, Francesca’s Booties, Bauble Bar Earrings, Ray-Ban Aviators






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Columbus has started a “shop local” movement and I have completely jumped on the bandwagon. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, by the way. It’s great to see everyone supporting each other’s passions, not to mention these small Columbus businesses produce some rad sh!t. Although, I still shop at bigger, mass produced stores, I try to keep it local whenever possible. Thats’s why when I saw this gorgeous off the shoulder top on local boutique, Rowe’s instagram, I knew I had to have it. The off the shoulder design and the floral pattern make it the ideal summer top, not to mention the material is nice and light too. Even though it’s SO against the rules, I have already worn this top 3 times in the past 2 weeks since I’ve bought it. Oops! Although this time I paired it with some simple jean shorts for a lunch date with Colin, I think next time I might go for a black maxi skirt combination next time.

Off the Shoulder Top, American Eagle Shorts (Similar Here), JustFab wedges (Similar Here), Nasty Gal lariat, Ray-Ban Sunnies (Although I bought mine at Tigertree)

A Side of Lime

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I hate wearing shorts. Why? I hate shaving my legs. Simple as that. I have very course hair so even when I shave my legs, it feels like I didn’t. It’s really an abusive relationship if you ask me. It has to be an awesome pair of shorts (or dress) for me to embark on this incredibly impossible task of shaving my legs. Case in point: lime green shorts. I was instantly drawn to these shorts at J Crew last week and they were 30% off so I had to have them. Lime green shorts ARE a reason to shave my legs. I paired my lime green shorts with a light summer sweater from Banana Republic (the competitor!) for a relaxed look and topped the ensemble off with my FAVORITE new pair of booties aka shit kickers. I opted to wear very minimal jewelry this day because sometimes, you just don’t want the fuss of extra layers. Oh and in case you’re wondering, my nail polish is “Read My Palm” by Sephora! ;)

Banana Republic Sweater, J Crew Shorts, Francesca’s Booties, Michael Kors Watch